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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


A big thank you to Katie Parla for her very helpful Rome app. All the places below were chosen based on the locations we were in. Here are my favourites in no particular order:

Sorpasso Via Properzio 3100193 RomeItaly

Sorpasso, near the Vatican, was one of the best meals out of the handful I had in Rome. Everything from the decor, to the service and most importantly the food was spot on. 

The menu is printed on paper and clearly seasonal using ingredients such as zucchini flowers. We tried their specialty, Trapizzini, traditional street food of triangular envelopes of thick pizza bianca stuffed with various sauces. The trapizzino alla lingua - tongue and garlic parsley sauce - was not only unique but delicious, while the chicken one was a complete standout.

The home made pasta was perfectly seasoned and al dente. It goes to show that simple ingredients can taste fantastic when fresh and prepared well.

Our whole meal, including wine, three courses and service came to 28 Euros each. Don't miss this find.

water and flour pasta - eggplant with tomatoes and Ragusano cheese 9Eur

Settimio al Pellegrino Via del Pellegrino 11700186 RomeItaly

Settimo al Pellegrino was definitely a unique experience starting right from the start as we rang the door bell before entering. Make sure you have a booking.

This is a true 'mama and pappa' operation with a limited menu cooked by Teresa and the front of house run by her husband Mario. The vibe is very old school, but the bright lights and stark table cloths seem to attract the local crowd by the droves. 

Dishes are very simple and classic like grilled meatballs, tomato pasta or clear broth soup - which was out of this world. Come here for the experience but don't expect creativity or ground breaking flavour combinations. This is all about tradition, simplicity, home cooking and cheek pinching.

Clear Broth chicken soup

Bottle of home red - 9 Euros

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