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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Gogi Korean Bar and Grill

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Little Venice is not the closest of places for some, but to the locals it is an oasis of waterfront cafes and riverside strolls. The latest addition close to Regents Canal is Gogi Korean Bar and Grill, an authentic yet modern Korean restaurant, to which the locals should rejoice.

 Gogi serves traditional BBQ for a great ‘hands on’ experience and a great selection of dishes, some prepared with sharing in mind. With variety being the main ingredient, but happy to leave the cooking to the kitchen, we chose a selection of dishes with the help of the thorough menu descriptions. The carefully numbered pictures also helped, but took away from the authenticity of the restaurant.
Kimchi £3.50
The kimchi selection was punchy and stemmed away from the well expected cabbage selection, while the Bossam (slow cooked pork belly, wrapping cabage, spicy radish, fresh oysters) was impressive not only in size but in taste.  The pork belly was succulent and perfect for wrapping in cabbage for a bite size serving topped with spicy radish. I have definitely never experienced fresh oysters as a combination with pork, but it worked in small portions.
 The Korean steak tartare, Yuk Hwe, is one of my favourite dishes and one I am familiar with from Kimchee in Holborn. Gogi’s version is just as robust focusing on the raw egg as the main source of visible dressing. The sliced pear adds sweetness and freshness to the already moreish flavour.
Yuk Hwe - Korean Steak Tartar £12

Bossam £15.50
I chose the Kimchi Jjigae as a main course (spicy kimchi stew with pork and tofu), mainly because I love this dish, but also because I often order it in Kimchee Holbron. On the whole the two dishes are similar in presentation but differ slightly in visible ingredients and taste. Gogi’s version although just as spicy lacks the depth of flavour and is more watery than the jjigae from Kimchee Holborn. Both however are satisfying and I would order Gogi’s version again.
Kimchi Jjigae £9
Overall service is very attentive and knows the menu well. The interior is modern and attractive, with plenty of light from the front windows but romantic enough to create a cosy atmosphere. Go if you are in the area, and definitely if you are a local.

** Caviar Girl was invited on this occasion

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