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Supper Clubs

For those who may have not yet heard of a "supper club", let me introduce you to what could be perceived as an 'exclusive underground' society. Exclusive it seems due to the nature of the concept; it's a dinner party, but you don't actually know anyone; it's a restaurant, but in some one's actual home; and, it seems hard to make a booking, because everyone else is somehow 'in the know' and set events are notoriously booked out. 

The Basement Galley:  Run by Tom and Alex in a decommissioned Victoria Line carriage from 1967

Forza Win: Run by Sebastian Redford  with Pizza Pilgrim's pizza, on a rooftop

Japanese Home Cooking (Islington): Run by Luiz Hara aka TheLondonFoodie out of his home in Islington/Hoxton.

Russian Revels Supper Club Run Katrina and Karina at various venues around London