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Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Basement Galley **

Alex and Tom
Dinner table

** The Basement Gallery have now moved 'underground' - serving dinner in a decommissioned Victoria Line carriage from 1967. Below is my experience from their beginnings

For those who may have not yet heard of a "supper club", let me introduce you to what could be perceived as an 'exclusive underground' society. Exclusive it seems due to the nature of the concept; it's a dinner party, but you don't actually know anyone; it's a restaurant, but in some one's actual home; and, it seems hard to make a booking, because everyone else is somehow 'in the know' and set events are notoriously booked out.

The latest such supper club is The Basement Galley in Brixton, run by Tom and Alex out of their shared basedment flat. Upon arrival, we received a warm welcome, were told to make ourselves at home, and were offered delicious strawberry and pasionfruit Bellinis.

Some say, that a good meal is like a well orchestrated piece of music; it should consist of swells and lulls, of melodies and counterpoints, and The Basements Gallery's seven course dinner menu definitely hit the mark.
2nd. Amuse-bouche a la Maison
Menu #4, started with a unique 'Fizzy Gin and Tonic Jelly', nothing like I have ever experienced before, followed by a small, bite-sized hors d'oeuvre of pea soup, served as an introduction to the chefs' cooking and the up coming meal. Smooth and creamy with distinct and strong flavours, it was a true indication of what was yet to come.
3rd. Goats cheese and caramelised onion tartlet, Rocket salad, Parmesan shavings
5th. Roast Pork fillet with its juices, Culbokie roast potato, spiced red cabbage and garden carrots
One of the highlights (sorry not pictured), was the Pimms Granita, a wonderfully refreshing palatte cleanser served before the Pork, as course number three.

Each course had restaurant quality presentation, and was superbly orchestrated. The Goats Cheese tartlet was well balanced with the caramelised onions, while the pork fillet cooked to perfection was nearly outshone by the equally divine roast potato. Crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside, is a perfect family recipe. 

6th. Lemon curd, lime and vanilla sorbet and home made shortbread
7th. Cheese selection served with Port
Dessert was quietly perfect, the citrus flavours robust, and the shortbread crunchy. The carefully selected cheeses were all produced in the UK and each was wonderfully complemented by the Tawny Port served in a crystal decanter.
Coffee and chocolate served in a relaxed setting in the living room, was a great finish to the already fun and enjoyable evening.

Supper clubs it seems, are a great way to eat some great food, and meet some interesting people, and at £25 per head, The Basement Gallery is set to become the next big thing in this 'underground society'. 

Tom and Alex have a selection of four different menus, which can be found on their website, and their events are announced on facebook and twitter. I trully recommend you to experience this for yourself.

Update June 2012
Unfortunately the Brixton Galley is now closed :(

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