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Friday, 24 May 2013

Social Eating House

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Off the back of the success of Pollen St Social, Jason Atherton has opened two new restaurants only a matter of months apart. The latest, Social Eating House is a contemporary laid back bistro, serving a British menu with international flare. Downstairs, there is a 15 seat chefs table right among the hustle of the kitchen, and upstairs a secret cocktail bar serving funky sliders and potent cocktails. The Social Eating House expands on Atherton's 'social' ethos. It is all about creating the perfect environment to lounge, relax and drink some good wine while enjoying the hearty yet innovative food. 

The menu is full of choices including pre-starters of jars to share such as Cornish mackerel tartar or spiced aubergine. These clever concoctions are bursting with flavour and the salt cod emulsion with olive oil, potato chips, celery salt, vinegar & parsley oil was perfect to devour with the crispy bread served on the side.

Jars to Share - Salt cod brandade, potato chips, celery salt and vinegar, parsley oil £4.50
From the starters the wild mushrooms are theatricality brought in a sealed plastic bag and quickly cut open so that you can serve yourself. Deep rosemary flavours seeped onto the plate with earthiness coming from the wild mushrooms.This dish was spot on if not slightly too big for a starter but definitely scored above the ravioli of wild boar where the said peppered hearts and kidneys failed to shine through.
Starter - Wild mushrooms on toast, from a bag, cep puree  £9.50

Following on from the starter the mains were hearty big portions, and satisfied the big eater in me. The baked curried hake, baby squid with roasted cauliflower and cheese was full of flavour and creativity. All expertly cooked, slightly crispy vegetables, flaky hake with the perfect sense of curry in the creamy sauce.
Baked curried hake, baby squid, roasted cauliflower and cheese £19
By far the highlight was the dessert. Milk chocolate mousse, praline and a chocolate eclair stuffed with salted caramel ice cream were the perfect combination for sweet, salty and a touch of cold. This has to be tasted to be believed, I would come back just for the dessert and this time not share it!
Milk chocolate mousse, praline, chocolate eclair, salted caramel ice cream £6.50
As much as the decor and food stood out from the rest, the service was overly attentive, and at times making us feel rushed with more than one waiter asking for our order. I hope this was a teething problem, because this did not support Atherton's social ethos. Nevertheless it was a supurb meal, and one that did not break the bank; £50 p.p with service, two courses and a dessert to share and a couple of drinks each.

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