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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Chalet Marmotte - Champagny

View from outside Chalet

Having never been on a ‘Chalet’ ski holiday before, the word on the ‘slopes’ is that our experience at Barrelli Ski in Champagny France is up there with the best.

“We had a live in qualified chef” – I say, “Wow, you were lucky we had some 20-something-all-I-care-about-is-snowboarding-guy” – they say.

It’s true, Chef Kevin and his partner Lou made that last icy red-run to the village well worth the stacks when coming home to freshly baked cakes, hot tea/coffee and French baguettes so crusty and fresh that even nutella was not worthy of their flesh.

Home made croissants and poached eggs were just the icing on the cake for breakfast while dinners were the real highlight. Having only one opportunity to do a weekly shop the guys really outdone themselves every night. 

The punchy ceviche starter on day two really set the standards high, and each four course meal thereafter was better than the last. This included some of the most tender pork roast I have eaten, confit duck which fell off the bone and amazing desserts such as chocolate & amaretto tart and sticky date pudding which Kevin would start preparing in the morning. The cheese boards offered were diverse and colourful (literally) while the wine flowed by the bottle. It was pleasure filled with anticipation to sit down for dinner every evening.

The chalet itself was cosy, adorned with wood and a working fireplace. Hot tub outside, ping pong table and swimming pool inside what more could you want?

I have been converted. Who ever said that snow conditions are the only highlight has never stayed in an all-inclusive chalet (with a chef).
chorizo and olive pasta

Confit duck and red braised cabbage 

Plaice in puff pastry with potatoes

Poached pear

Goats cheese tart
(Pictures just to show a few)

Details can be found here

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