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Monday, 18 February 2013

Pollen Street Social

Pollen Street Social on Urbanspoon Square Meal

Dessert Bar - Photo Pollen Street Social

This vibrant and unpretentious establishment has been a very busy social butterfly since opening its doors in April 2011. Although this was not the intention Pollen St earned a Michelin star within 6 months of opening and was named best new UK restaurant by the good food guide 2012.  This is no small achievement and is definitely reflected in the creative dishes, the service and the relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere.
Restaurant view

The staff were very knowledgeable and attentive and provided an unfussy and quite special dining experience. During lunch the option is a 2 course (£26) or three course (£29.50) menu and our table went for a selection of both and dishes from a la carte. 

The food was beautifully executed and the Roasted Quail brunch (£14.50) was by far the most creative dish of the day from the main menu. The 'cereal' bowl of tender quail legs with pearl barley and scotch egg was complimented by a small brioche toast topped with duck liver parfait and chased down with duck & quail consumme infused with green tea from a tea cup. I loved the creativity, the play on words and the dish as a whole; tender, delicate and yet robust.

Roasted quail 'brunch', cereals toast and tea £14.50

Roasted quail 'brunch', cereals toast and tea £14.50
My main of beef featherblade on parsley beef broth from the lunch menu was not as juicy as I expected it to be after hours of braising and while the parsley broth added contrasting colours to the plate it did not add enough contrasting flavour to the beef.  A very visually pleasing dish however I was slightly underwhelmed.
Beef featherblade, onion Lyonnaise, parsley beef broth - part of Lunch Menu
Nevertheless what came next more than made up for this - although it didn't need much. The pre-dessert (not on the menu) was a raspberry coulis cream cheese foam with frozen raspberry droplets and green tea powder. A wonderfully cold palate cleanser with contrasting sweet and sour flavours coming form the cream cheese and the berries. The main dessert consisted of 70% bitter chocolate pave balanced with orange ice cream and kumquats, the perfect combination of chocolate and citrus on a slate. 
Pre dessert
70% bitter chocolate pave, orange ice cream, kumquats - Part of Lunch menu
Not that we needed any more but the treats kept coming in the form of macarons and a selection of Jason Atherton chocolates with coffee. This topped off our lunch which was now quickly turning into dinner!
Draws of macarons

Selection of Jason Atherton chocolates
While you can enjoy your dessert at the table you can also move across to the famous dessert bar if there is room. The only dessert bar of its kind in London. Watch the chefs prepare it in front of you and finish up with a visually exciting cocktail or two at the Social Bar and your experience will be complete! And what an experience it is. I am looking forward to coming back.

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