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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Panino Giusto - Milano 1979

Panino Giusto, a Milanese restaurant of 34 years has opened its first doors in London. Specialising in the ‘panino’ (a small bread roll in Italian, and the correct term for the widely used panini sandwich), Panino Giusto praises itself on high quality produce sourced directly from Italy. Expect 24 month aged cured Parma ham, Tyrollian Speck and Braesola from Valtellina (salted beef), served on crusty bread from their Italian baker, drizzled with aromatic olive and truffle oils.

Some signature paninos include the Giusto (Praga Ham, mozzarella, anchovy, tomato & mustard), Tartufo (24 month aged parma ham, brie, tomato, rocket & Alba truffle oil) and the Garibaldino (Bresaola, mozzarella, tomato, rocket and extra virgin olive oil).  All bursting with flavour, the oompth from the anchovies and truffle oil were specifically my favourite. They’re simple, they’re very tasty, and they go extremely well with the carefully selected wines off the wine list. Surprising I know, but the meat is so good that it’s more a case of ‘why not’. My favourite was King Arthur Fattoria Cabanon Lombardy 2006, which paired really well with the Garibaldino panino.

Panino Giusto has 30 seats on the ground floor and a further 60 seats in the basement, and is also open in the evenings where you can sample some of their Fattoria Cabanon Italian wines (made since early 1900 and produced in limited quantities), meat tasting platters (the same  which is used in the paninos) and other classical Italian meat and fish dishes.

You can finish it all off with some home made creamy tiramisu and an espresso coffee for some traditional Italian flavours.

On this occasion I was invited to Panino Giusto, but I will surely be going back for some of that 24th month aged Parma ham and Fassona beef from Piedmont!

Alessandro Borghese leads the presentation
Wine pairing 
Giusto (Praga Ham, mozzarella, anchovy, tomato & mustard)  £5.80

Garibaldino (Bresaola, mozzarella, tomato, rocket and extra virgin olive oil, black pepper) £6.80
Tartufo (24 month aged parma ham, brie, tomato, rocket & Alba truffle oil) £7.80
Homemade Panino Giusto Tiramisù
Espresso Coffee with Il Giustino
Panino Giusto on Urbanspoon

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