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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Burger & Lobster

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the line at 6pm
On a Friday evening after a long week of work, waiting a few hours for dinner while hunger quickly sets in is perhaps not the most ideal scenario. But word on the street suggested that Burger & Lobster was worth waiting for. So I lined up, and then I put my name down, and then I hoped that they would accommodate us within the next two to three hours. I have to say the whole process was very civil. If people are prepared to wait this long for a table then something must be right about the food. We are talking lobster after all. 

So I trailed off to Shepherds Market to find a base for the wait. Three hours later we received the awaited call “Still hungry? Come on over we will sit you down shortly” were the sweetest words I heard that night. Ok that’s over the top, I was lucky to be in good company and the wait didn’t seem to be that long.

The restaurant was heaving, and we waited some more at the bar. The staff were friendly and on the ball. 

The splashes of wooden panelling reminded me of a stripped down Wild Honey while the exposed concrete,  bricks and low hanging lights oozed that rugged cool feel of Polpo.  Great vibe.
The service was quick, it is fast food after all, posh fast food. There are three things on the easy menu (there is no physical menu) a full lobster, lobster roll or a burger each for £20. All comes with chips and salad, and before I knew it the sweet smell of lobster was wafting up in front of me.

I had already eaten some of it before remembering abou the photo!

As far as my experience with lobster goes, I am very well acquainted with its not so distant cousin from Australia, the Crayfish. So I must say that I like the cooked flesh to be slightly translucent and succulent. The Burger&Lobster lobster was possibly ever so slightly over done for me, however this did not take away from the overall juiciness and sweetness of the flesh.  The claws are pre-cracked for easy access and I thoroughly enjoyed sucking all the edible bits off this beast. Yes including the gills and all the legs, it really was that good.  Thank god for the plastic bibs! 

The wait was worth it, and I will be back. Possibly to the new Soho restaurant opening next week where they will take bookings or the other three soon to pop up around the country. For the conspicuous  amounts of wine we consumed including the lobster it came to £41 per head.

I am sorry you had to ready a lot of words with this review. But I really had to write something more than just "it was awesome".  I wish I was going back tonight...
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