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Monday, 23 July 2012

Mama Lan in Brixton Village

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Every time I come to Brixton Village there seem endless possibilities of where to eat. Saturday night the village really comes to life with live music from DJ's to bands entertaining the diners. 

On this occasion Brixton Village delivered yet again on a dinner delight with Mama Lan, a little restaurant bringing the taste of Beijing to London. Mama Lan started as a supper club in 2010 and since then has expanded and opened its doors in a permanent location. The menu is simple and seasonal, divided into Beijing dumplings, street snacks and salads and a choice of two mains.

The freshness and crispness of the Chicken Ban Mein noodle salad was definitely the highlight of the meal. The spring onions, cucumber and chicken were perfectly balanced with the chili oil and noodles. Clean flavours are my favourite. The seaweed salad with sesame oil also hit the mark, however the chicken wings were a slight let down as they lacked the spice that they promised on the menu.
Spicy Chicken ban mein; Picture thanks to @MamaLan

The dumplings are all made in-house and this comes through the texture of the filling. There was something missing however, as I relied on vinegar to complete the full flavour combination.

Overall the food was satisfying and the service slighly speradic, but for a total of £25 excluding drinks Mama Lan is now on my local short list.

Now also open in Clapham Common!!

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