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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Lunch time cooking class with L'atelier des Chefs

If you are sick of the same old sandwiches and sushi day in day out for lunch, then here is definitely something new and exciting to consider. A 30 minute cooking class over your lunch break!

L'atelier des Chefs offer this course for £15 which is definitely good value considering it's fun, you learn something new, and then get to eat your creations with a  glass of wine and maybe some dessert to follow.

Out of the many time slots and recipes offered we chose Salmon with a shiitake mushroom stir fry and lime.
Ingredients ready to go

The kitchen is massive and big enough to accommodate 15 students per class. We were given aprons and set at our work stations. The chef went over the recipe and demonstrated how to prepare each of the ingredients which included a brief explanation on knife skills. Knife handling skills were definitely needed with these amazingly sharp tools.
We then proceeded to the cook tops where three pans were ready to go to cook our lunch.

Final product
There was more than enough time to do all of this, and we were finished within 30 minutes. It doesn't matter if you are comfortable in the kitchen or not, you can always learn something new and pick up some cool tips. In this instance I learnt how to remove the pith from the limes and separate the segments, as well as a new combination of ingredients! So simple and SO tasty, I probably can't recommend this enough.

We were able to sit at front of house and enjoy a glass of wine with our self made lunch. And of course how can you leave without having some dessert?

Optional dessert
The carrot cake was divine and went perfectly with the fruit compote and cream. Needless to say we all signed up for more classes! 

This is very achievable during an hour lunch break if you are around St Pauls or Oxford Circus.

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