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Friday, 2 November 2012

Seven at Brixton

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Brixton Market spans over a very large area and is probably one of the most heavily concentrated by independent ventures gastronomic gold mines around. With the likes of Franco Manca, Federation Coffee, Elephant, Mama Lan, Honest Burgers and Brixton Village Grill it is very hard not to get excited. Situated right opposite the famous Franco Manca is Seven at Brixton. A Spanish tapas and cocktail bar spanning over two floors with the top also acting as free exhibition space for local artists, meaning you can sit amongst the arty installations. 

It is beyond cool. It is uber cool. With a big open front spanning onto the market area Seven just oozes the shabby atmosphere that defines the current 'It' trend of the year. Peeling paint and wallpaper,  recycled furniture and hanging light bulbs emitting just enough light for everyone to be good looking. Rickety stairs with a dangerously overhanging bulkhead bring you to the few dimly lit squat/abandoned like but extremely cosy rooms on the second floor. More recycled furniture, more peeling paint. I mean, it really is cool!

The staff are enthusiastic and happy to be there, happy to serve, something that sometimes lacks in other 'trendy' places around London.
Downstairs Bar

The food menu is ever changing with the seasons and is made up for pintxos, tapas, salads, tortillas and sharing boards. Beers and wines are also Spanish, while the extremely reasonably priced cocktail menu (£5) printed on a luggage tag dons experimental yet traditional cocktails. I had the Macchiato Martini and it was divine.
Sharing board 

For what it is worth we were a table of nine hungry diners all eager to dig into the food. For ease of ordering we chose to go with a selection of sharing boards containing cheese, cured meats, chorizo, patatas bravas and capers just to name a few. We also managed to sneak in some aubergine salads and whiting on our very full table. All of this was spot on, properly seasoned. In particular the whiting were perfectly salty, meaty and not too battered. As much as this was a lot of food it was not a lot of variation, but this little selection gave me huge promise of the dishes in general.  I can't wait to go back and try the rest. 

Seven at Brixton is the perfect place to either start your night or just have dinner. Dishes range from £3-7, sharing boards peak at £20 and cocktails are £5. This will not break your bank and you will love it. If anything, the cocktails should be luring enough. Did I already say they were amazing?
£5 macchiato martini

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  1. They should call in an electrician, glancing at that lighting rig (!)