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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Franco Manca in Brixton Market

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Brixton Market is very much a fresh food market, but new restaurants are sprouting left right and centre amongst the fish mongers and the butchers alike. One such restaurant which budded its roots in this space is Franco Manca, and has been so popular that it has now spread to Clapham Junction, Stratford and Chiswick. Placed right next door to a fish mongers  the seating area spills out into the market row and is given an interesting feel to say the least. Industrial? This doesn’t stop the crowds lining up for a seat however, because Franco Manca’s pizza is said to be one of the best.

TOMATO,  CURED  ORGANIC  CHORIZO  (Dry  &  semi-dry )
&  MOZZARELLA  £6.95


We were seated quickly at 3pm on a Sunday, but the restaurant was very full and the queues only resided an hour ago. The menu is simple and changes with the seasons. Split into Pizzas, salads and drinks.

The flavours in the toppings were jumping off the plate; fluffy buffalo ricotta, creamy mozzarella, sweet fresh earthy tomato base and intense cured organic chorizo from Brindisa. The pizza bases were fleshy but not stodgy while the crust resembled woody flavoured bread pillows. Delightful! A whole pizza although looks massive fits nicely in one stomach.

With such a busy restaurant the service was swift, and the food served quickly. I know everyone says this is a winner, but that's because it is.

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  1. The whole time I lived in London I never made it to Franco Manca! Still kicking myself for it...