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Friday, 4 November 2011


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Boasted about by my friends from NZ, Kopapa could’ve been just another case of their patriotic love affair with all things New Zealand. But Kiwis have been spoilt with their countries’ majestic landscapes, laid back lifestyle and good quality wine, and as such, tend to have a good nose for simple quality. And Kopapa, the baby of New Zealand born Peter Gordon, is one of these quality places which bring world inspired cuisine to the table. It is beautifully executed and served in a laid back environment, which is often the feel of many Southern Hemisphere eateries.
Small plates are taking over the London dining scene and Kopapa's menu is no exception. We were advised that two plates per person will make a filling lunch.  
Roast pork belly on fried sweet potato dumplings chilli pickled plums with hot & sour coconut jus   £8.80
Going for a selection of smaller plates to start with which included the roast pork belly (pictured above £8.80), I also opted for a “main” size plate of grain fed sirloin (Pictured below £20).
For a bite sized portion of pork belly it definitely delivered on all fronts:  crispy and salty at the top while super moist and juicy throughout. The slightly sour plums were a great innovation to the common apple sauce, and made for a great taste contrast with the sweet potato and the pork on one forkful. Amazing!
Teriyaki Casterbridge grain-fed sirloin with cep gnocchi, red wine button onions, soy beans & smoked garlic £20.00
The sirloin came out disguised cut as a “fillet” (fat and round), and for a moment I forgot that this steak is cut from the rear back portion of the cow i.e a lot denser and firmer in texture. Cutting into the meat, it proved to be cooked beautifully to medium rare, and was well complimented by the teriyaki jus. The mushroom gnocchi was slightly lost on the taste buds, but overall this dish was an absolute pleasure to devour!
Original Beans Piura Criollo grand cru 75% dark chocolate fondant with green tea & hazelnut praline nougat glace £8.00
Dessert was a bit of a tossup between the boiled orange and almond cake and the passion fruit brûlée, but 75% dark chocolate fondant was just not to be passed up. Warm gooey chocolate oozed out of the perfectly formed chocolate crust. It was a divine guilty pleasure.

Overall what an experience. The staff were knowledgeable about the menu, were attentive and happy to oblige. I'm sure the pictures alone will entice you to try this place.

 Peter Gordon now has a book out, check it out. It was my secret santa present 

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