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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mongilian Grill Heaven

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Specialising in Hot-pot (steamboat) and grill with nifty inbuilt burners at each table, the Mongolian Grill, adorned in red lanterns, radiates a warm vibe from all the way down Clapham Old Town.
 for hot pot or grill to cook at table
How has this 'all you can eat for £13' been around for the past year and a half, and I have only JUST heard about it? I am not sure about that, but I will definitely be coming back.

two stock hot pot
Never mind the choice of 8 different flavours of stocks (including Tom Yum) to select from, the most critical decision, of course, is having to choose from either a hot pot or a grill at your table. From there, the fresh ingredients at the buffet are at your disposal. All refilled on a regular basis as the restaurant was heaving by 8pm on a Tuesday night!
all you can eat ingredients, including a sauce station
There is a great selection of meat, seafood and vegetables, including amazing tofu, and most importantly a sauce station where you can make your own sauces! Having been to restaurants (Little Lamb) where each sauce is an extra £1.50, Mongolian Grill has definitely made it to my #1 Hot-Pot destination. 

The staff were cheerful and friendly, and the cozy atmosphere added to the great experience. For this taste, quality, and value for money I am not suprised that our table was already being re-made for waiting customers before we were even out the door! Do try it!

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