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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hanami - a Japanese diner

Hanami Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Hanami is situated on Beaufort St in the heart of Mt Lawley. It seems that over the last couple of years, Mt Lawley has sprouted to become one of Perths hottest eating out spots, Hanami however, has lost it's luster.
Beef Udon noodles $14 (9 Quid)
The decor resembles a typical 'China Town' establishment, dark wooden tables, white walls, and little or no attempt at 'Japanese' style except for the three tables which allow you to take off your shoes and sit on pillows. The decor, or lack there of, however, has never been the main 'downfall' of a restaurant which serves good food.
Tempura Tofu and Veggies $7.20 (4.60 quid)
But the food at Hanami may not be the winning straw either. The Beef in the the Udon Noodles dish was tender with char grilled flavours, while the broth contained just enough sweetness to be pleasant enough. I was however, slightly disappointed that a firmer tofu was not available as an extra, and that a further $7 had to be paid for a side dish of tempura tofu and vegetables (which I did not ask for). The batter around the tofu was stretchy like a peeling face mask, while the consistency of the tofu itself was too sloppy to pick up with chop sticks.  My friend had the Teriyaki Chicken, and it was, by far, not the best she has ever had. Although Hamani may be considered good value for money by Perth standards, I would no longer go out of my way to come here. 

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