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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Come Cook With Me

Come Cook with Me (CCWM) is not only a great way to catch up with friends or meet new ones, but is also a brilliant way to try out new recipes and dinner party ideas!

The concept is simple:
·         There is one ‘host’, responsible for:
o   Hosting the event at their house (including full use of the kitchen)
o   Coming up with the ‘Theme’ (time to get creative)
o   Choosing a three course menu (including all the recipes) to go with the theme
o   Sharing the recipes among the friends attending i.e one course per 2-3 people (including the host), therefore each person attending the event has a purpose to feed the group!
o   (all can be done via email)

·         The attendees, responsible for:
o   Ensuring that they have all the ingredients for their assigned courses
o   Cooking on the night of CCWM event, in the host’s kitchen for the rest of the group

And there you go: A dinner party with no stress on the host (to cook a three course meal), everybody contributes to the cost, and learns to cook something new! And if everyone brings a bottle of wine, or a drink to go with the theme, then it’s a party waiting to happen.

The girls and I have been trying to do this once a month, and the themes so far have been something along the lines of: Greek, Spanish, and Jamie Oliver (which opens up all sorts of recipes).

This month it is “Asian Fusion”:


I used for the recipe, and the main ingredients were from the Japan Centre

Teriyaki Chicken
Sesame seed Spinach

Flour-less chocolate fondant with Green tea ice-cream
 Have a happy party!

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