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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Byzantino - A 'busy' lil place

tel: +306948417313

Lindos is absolutely packed with 'potential' restaurants all boasting roof top gardens and views of the Acropolis, but with such high competition to lure the tourists in, it is the food which brings back the diners and spreads the word. With little winding cobbly streets (if you can call them that), every second shop front is a restaurant/bar, making it very hard to gauge if upstairs is heaving with diners. So unless you are dining by recommendation, it is up to you to make the call! (Stressful I know!!) 

Byzantino for us was a 'walk in', and as it happened, was wedged upstairs even though the bar was entirely empty. Having been lured by nothing more than the facade, we were now being told that our table will be ready in five minutes and offered a complimentary drink. Brilliant! Little did we realise, not only was it a "Greek" five minutes (20 minutes), but there were other hungry diners in the bar waiting to be seated! The owners clearly know what they are doing, as we now couldn't leave, but who would want to when you get a free drink, and clearly something good is going on in that restaurant!
Starter of dips
It's the cutest roof top garden, table cloths and of course great views. The service was attentive, and when the Caprese salad arrived without the promised basil (OK we were in Greece so not as 'sacrilege'), it was promptly sent back and rectified.
Caprese Salad
The starter of dips was lovely, all very tasty boasting true Greek flavours, except a little more pita bread would've helped to mop up the four massive servings.
Stuffed peppers and tomatoes
I have had to come to terms in Greece with servings of rice and potato on the same plate, and thank god I did so before this restaurant, because the stuffed peppers and tomatoes were infused with flavour, and even though a vegetarian dish, the rice, peppers and tomatoes when executed this well is like a party for the taste buds! The potatoes were not the 'life of the party', but did look pretty on the plate.
Pasta with Lamb and feta
A surprise to the senses was this pasta dish a la Greek! With succulent lamb and abundant feta it was certainly a winner. The picture says it all, it was juicy and cheesy in the most artery clogging way, but boy was it good!

There was no time for dessert as due to the taxi strike we were bound by the last bus home.

The meal, including two courses each, and a 1L carafe of  house wine, plus some beers, came to 25Euros per person. For such great value, if you are in Lindos make sure you go to Byzantino's for lunch or dinner! It is situated on the main street, just ask the locals.

Check out their website here