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Monday, 3 September 2012


Bubbledogs& on Urbanspoon Square Meal

Bubbledogs has a warm atmosphere with exposed bricks and air-conditioning shafts much like  the vintage champagne cellars of the Champagne houses of Reims. High wooden tables and stools seating between 4-6 people and wooden picture frames with caricatures of the 'star' of the show.

As the name suggests though, Bubbledogs is a Champagne bar first. This is also evidenced in the layout of the menu,  Champagne and cocktails are listed at the front. Bubbledogs supports the smaller growers and from my experience in the past, these Champagnes can be some of the best. So you might as well get a whole bottle, because as much as you 'just go for one' you will end up having three!

K-Dawg - kimchi, fermented red bean paste, and lettuce
There are over 10 different hot dog toppings to choose from, as well as picking a pork, beef or vegetarian sausage. Champagne does take this experience up a notch, and I am sure to the surprise of most this concept actually works really well. 

As far as hot dogs go, my K-Dawg was amazing. The kimchi had just enough spiciness and zing while the beef sausage was still the dominating flavour. Together they worked well. One hot dog is definitely enough, but I can tell you that I could have had more. Though, this could also have been the champagne talking.

The service is good, very personal, and you can tell the love for the food and the industry from the owners, especially Sandia who served us. As much as Bubbledogs is very much on trend with other restaurants such as Duck & Waffle, Burger & Lobster where the name suggests the offering and a limited menu,  I think it stands on its own two feet (or four). It is very unique, quirky and quite original. 

Of course it doesn't just stop there. The '&' of Buggledogs& lays behind a black curtain towards the back of the restaurant. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the 19 seater chefs table. Let me tell you it is sleek. Five chefs with James Knappett at the helm should prove to be a very special dining experience. Expect to see seasonal and creative dishes served as a tasting menu (no hot dogs).

So, Bubbledogs& definitely exceeded expectations. Our bill came to just over £35 per head which included 3 glasses of champagne each (two people), two hot dogs and two sides. Not the cheapest offering, but you pay for the champagne mostly. Bubbledogs takes booking for groups of 6 or more. I suggest get some people together and make it a party.

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