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Monday, 20 August 2012

Forza Win Supper Club

One upon a time one Sebastian Redford (Bash) got in touch with some Pizza Pilgrims and Forza Win was born. A rooftop supper club for the summer of 2012 East London. Two pizza ovens later, and the boys went through some hardship when their first rooftop venue was shut down. But Forza Win have came back stronger and bolder with Bash at the helm of a super night out.

London has been delivering on all aspects of the weather front (good news for roof top dwellers), and last Friday (17th of August) was no exception. The secret location of Forza Win was revealed just days before the event, and our cab pulled up to the back of an East London warehouse. Ascending the industrial stairs revealed what can only be described as the 'cool kids' hang out: a bare roof nestled in between unfinished buildings with the view of our very own gas tower, two long trestle tables, two pizza ovens and a bar. Fantastic!

The wood burning aroma from the ovens and an Aperol sprits in hand, created a magnificent Italian summer vibe.
The three course dinner started with al dente penne pasta served with a beef and pork ragu sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Simple and delicious. For a salt lover like me however, I should have asked for some extra salt.
Piping hot (watch the roof of your mouth) Pizza Pilgrim pizzas started coming out soon after. Served two at a time and with an array of different toppings they were perfectly made. Thin bases with doughy yet crispy crusts were the essence of Southern Italy. Some of the toppings included nduja (spicy spreadable sausage), portobello mushroom with smoked garlic, Napoli salami, courgette and chilli on a biancha base, margarita and some creative toppings with fresh figs. Needless to say, the pizzas were snapped up in no time! 
Dessert was a creamy ricotta and vanilla Gelupo, served with flakes of sea salt and drizzled with olive oil. A refreshing end to the meal, I enjoyed the combination of ice cream with olive oil.
Forza Win then really delivered on the entertainment with Josh Flowers & the Wild playing for the already happy and food content crowd. The atmosphere was electric; Warm night, a bar, a roof top in a secret location. It was East London vibes in every sense.
For an amazing price of £25 plus drinks from the bar this is amazing. Forza Win is on until October so check it out, and email them for info. If you fancy the pizza, Pizza Pilgrims have their street van (with a real pizza oven) in Soho on Berwick st. Otherwise Bash always has something on the go (from what I have gathered) so watch this space! 

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