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Thursday, 14 June 2012


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View from bar
Having been open for over six months, MEATliquor still boasts an impressive queue stretching down the street. People lining up for fast food is nothing new however, it brought be back to Moscow 1990. When the first McDonalds opened in Pushkin Square, people were lining up for miles just to get a taste. I was one of them, and I was only 6 years old! But the difference was that McDonalds was the first fast food restaurant in Russia... EVER, so you can understand the curiosity. So why, after all these years and in a country that is not fast food deprived but possibly has too much of it, do we still line up for greasy burgers? Probably because MEATliquor is one of those exceptions. People just want to get a taste of it.

There is something about the spell that MEATliquor puts on you. Nothing wakes the inner carnivore more than animal headed butchers and red paint splattered ceilings, while the red halogen lights further stir that deep carnal urge. The darkness takes over and slaps any day left in you. Meat is all you want.... plus cheese.... and definitely drinks!
Dead Hippie £7.50
So, we nearly ordered everything on the menu. The chili cheese fries were nothing like I have ever tasted, they were surprisingly super good and moreish. This was due to the impeccably flavoured chili and I guess the cheese helped too. In a glutinous moment we ordered a serving of the onion rings, however I still preferred the deep fried pickles even though I craved a sharper pickle flavour out of them. The Dead Hippie burger probably deserves a paragraph all to itself, but all that really matters is that it was delicious, juicy and saucy with two perfectly cooked- pink in the middle- burger patty's. 

The cocktail menu is extensive, however this time we stuck to the beer which brings me to my only ever so slight criticism. Paying £4 for a small can is not OK, even for a Belgian beer. 

The service was quick and the bill came to £44 for two people, which included 4 cans of beer (c£4ea), 2 deep fried pickles (£3ea), Chili Fries (£5), two Dead Hippie burgers (£7.50ea) and one serving of onion rings (£3). A food/meat hangover does not even begin to describe it.

I have been put under the spell, so I guess it's your turn.
The roof
Square Meal

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