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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


MEATmarket on Urbanspoon
Double Bubble  - two beef patties, cheese, pickles, minced white onion, ketchup, mustard £7.50

Above the Jubilee market in Covent Garden, everything about the new MEATmarket screams ‘fast food/greasy/cheap’. While ascending the stairs from street level, branded posters depict pictures of greasy baked beans and fry ups of the previous occupier Bistro Express. Nothing suggests classy establishment. Everything suggests greasy-spoon hangout at 2 am. Yet everyone is talking about it. Why? Probably because it’s the sister of the very successful MEATliquor restaurant,  and even before that the very popular Meat Wagon and then pop-up #Meateasy. People love burgers. Greasy, tasty burgers.

The concept is simple, select your food, order at the counter, and wait for your name to be called. Meanwhile, take in the retro/diner/pop-artsy surroundings while gazing down at the busy market stalls below.
Counter - picture thanks to @thecriticalcouple

The food is served quickly, and is exactly as it says on the packet. The burger is juicy, cheesy and still perfectly pink on the inside. Don't forget to try the Poppaz, deep fried Jalapenos and cheese (£4)! Strong runny cheese is just enough to compliment the spicy-ness of the jalapeno, and oh it's just so fresh.

So many other burger places just don't get it right. It needs to be dirty. So order a Vedett beer and enjoy the gluttony.

Square Meal

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