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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bahn Mi Bay

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Based on the limited amount of information about Bahn Mi Bay on the internet it soon became obvious to me that this is a great local favourite with the lunch time crowd. How did I come up with that conclusion? The long line snaking out the door had something to do with it. My expectations for Bahn Mi Bay were monumentally exceeded so that it will now be my point of call for whenever I get a random Pho craving during work hours.

But it seems that the real winner has always been the Vietnamese baguettes (Bahn Mi) which Bahn Mi Bay is famous for. Something I will have to try on my next visit.

The d├ęcor is nothing like you would expect with its tiny chandeliers, brick walls and flowery wall paper; but it works. Gives the place an fresh sophisticated feel.

The service is exceptionally fast and efficient;  we were fed and full within the lunch time hour and that included the time spent waiting in line!

Going for the mixed rare and cooked beef Pho, the broth made me want more with every spoonfull. It was abundant with flavour and didn't meed a lot of extra condaments as it was quite perfect as it was. A far cry from the chain Pho Cafe where the majority of the time the broth is bland and the contents minimal (I don't generally like to compare to chains, but this Pho was similar and size and presentation as that of Pho Cafe).
I nearly forgot to take a picture, so what you see is my dish half way through devouring, slighly red with the chili sauce and missing the already eaten tender, succulent beef and the extra tofu which I asked for.

We left satisfied and excited to come back.

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