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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Byron - a burger joint with an edge

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It never would have occurred to me that Byron Hamburgers was not a one of a kind burger joint on Wardour St in Soho (each Byron restaurant is unique to its location). This particular space was once home to the original 'Intrepid Fox'; a Rock'n'Roll watering hole often frequented by the likes of Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart and the Sex Pistols.
And even though all that is left of that life time is the writing on the walls (read above in Ukranian: I was here), the interior still has a sole, a life of its own; a converted warehouse feel, big windows set in exposed brick walls, open plan kitchen and graffiti-clad toilets.

It's New York meets Soho, and together they make no fuss, American style burgers. Ok, so maybe having a choice of five different cheeses for the classic cheeseburger (£7.50) is being slightly fussier than an average American diner, but this is Soho, and Byron is way cooler. And yes, I definitely would prefer to have blue cheese with my perfectly cooked, pink, Scottish sourced beef burger.

But, cooked perfectly as it was, and just to the specifications of the menu, I still couldn't help but dream of a slightly fatter and juicier patty. And I should never feel jealous of the guy sitting next to me who ordered a double, because you shouldn't have to order a double with a good meaty, juicy burger. But the guy next to me did, so maybe the patty should be fatter, and definitely a lot more juicy.
The great thing about Byron is that it feels like a fun, funky, edgy burger restaurant, and not like a fast food or a chain establishment. The table service was spot on, our waiter was friendly, and knew the menu well enough to make personal suggestions. Overall, a great Soho eat, come here for a relaxed yet buzzy catch up with friends, ideal for big groups.


  1. I Was Here too. What did you think of the chips?

  2. The chips were OK, but possibly too skinny. They went cold quickly, and I probably could've gone without :)

    What were your thoughts?