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Monday, 27 June 2011

Bread Etcetera

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A sourdough bakery turned cafe, situated in the middle of the bustling Clapham High Street, never ceases to have a long line of peeps waiting to get in for a mid morning weekend breakfast.

The concept is so simple it hurts, and yet why would people queue to toast their own bread? All I know, is that I keep coming back for more, because toasting all kinds of freshly made sourdough bread at your own table with your very own toaster is very cool. And you can have as much of it as you want, with all the condements provided; D.I.Y (do it yourself) Toast, so simple.

Inside, always packed (note the toasters!)

The decor is warm; wooden tables, including some high benches and stools, with the main bread station in the middle. All the bread is made in-house, and a good selection can also be purchased to take home. 
Personal toaster
Apart from the D.I.Y toast, which you can have on its own, with sides, or with your breakfast, there is also a great breakfast menu. You can choose from a fresh selection of English, Vegitarian, Aussie, Scandinavian flavours. Everything is fresh and made in house, including the beans.
Full English + D.I.Y £9.95
The Full English is a treat, cumberland sausage, smoked bacon, tomato, mushrooms, home made beans and choice of eggs. The above pictured is soft boiled.
The coffee is great, never burnt, and always smooth.
Wild Mushrooms + D.I.Y £8.55
One of my favourite things to have for breakfast when I am eating out is anything that is creative, and lots of places just don't cater for this. These Wild Mushrooms with chicken liver pate are just the treat. Also available is smoked bacon or mackeral pate. With the soft boiled runny egg on the side, this never fails to satisfy.

If you are in the area, or a local this is a must go to. You might want to arrive at around 10am when they open, because otherwise you will have to wait in line. The restaurant is packed till at least 12.30pm. 



  1. Wow this place looks amazing. I love the smell of fresh bread toasting and the scored on the bacon looks yummy!

  2. LMB: you have to make sure you dont over fill on the bread while waiting for the food!
    but its a great place, my number one choice for local brekky on the weekend