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Monday, 16 May 2011

The Pepper Tree

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The Pepper Tree has got to be one of my favourite local restaurants. It has everything that a 'mid-week catch up' with friends should have: good food, appropriate beer, friendly staff and cheap prices.

You cannot book a table at The Pepper Tree, and therefore on a lot of occasions there is a line out the door (Proving it to be very popular). However, due to the dining area being full of long wooden tables/seating benches, diners are turned around quickly, so the line keeps moving. Due to this, you may be given your bill before you ask for it, if they are particularly busy, but this does not distract from the good food and buzzy atmosphere (you may need to talk a little louder to be heard over the happy chatter of other punters).

On this occasion the restaurant was celebrating its 17th Birthday (as we found out from our smiley waiter), and over the years they have stuck to their aim: "To provide good quality, basic Thai food at reasonable prices"

We went for a selection of starters; Chicken Satay, Sesame Prawn Toast and Tord Man (Spicy fish cakes), each no more than £4.

Prawn toast and fish cakes

Chicken Satay
 The service here is always speedy, and you will not have to wait long for your food. Each starter came with its own dipping sauce. The prawn toast is always crispy with a subtle prawn flavour, the fishcakes were however slighly too salty, but juicy. The Chicken Satay was succulent and tender.

For the main I decided to stray from my usual Seafood Stir-fry, and ordered a Thai Chicken Laksa ($7.25) I have to say, much to my disappointment, I was not satisfied with this choice. The Laksa itself was too sweet, not spicy enough, and had the consistency of a curry (too thick) instead of a soup. I remember it being a lot better a couple of years ago, and therefore I would not recommend it. 

Thai Chicken Curry Laksa
On other occasions, my favourite Seafood Stir-fry (£5.95) has always delivered! A selection of squid, Mussels, Crab claws, prawn and fresh chillies, cooked with red and greed peppers, and served with steamed rice (£2). The seafood is fresh and not overcooked, the sauce has a pleasant, well seasoned, spicy kick (enough to satisfy a chilli craving).

Other dishes on the menu have always been supurb, and this is where I first came to the conclusion that London has a vast selection of good quality Thai food.

The bill always comes in at around £20p.p with a beer or two. Well worth the visit if you are after good food and a buzzy atmosphere.

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