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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Aamanns Smørrebrødsdeli (Denmark: Copenhagen)

Øster Farimagsgade 12, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark, Tell: +453555 3310

Smørrebrød is translated as 'open sandwich' and is a Danish speciality, made with a dense, dark rye bread and with a variety of toppings. 

Aamanns is the perfect place for lunch (Smørrebrødsdeli - open sandwich deli), and is a favourite with the locals. Even though it is slightly out of the way from the centre, it is worth making the trip! (still walking distance)

Adam Aamann received "an honorary diploma from the Danish Academy of Gastronomy in recognition of his efforts to elevate the open sandwich to a gastronomic art form"; and this definitely shows!

It's quality over quantity at Aamanns, with a choice of fish, chicken, beef and pork, and 1-2 variations in each category (50DKK-55DKK each - £5.80). All the ingredients were super fresh.

Fresh fish from Hanstholm and Iceland

'Fresh fish from Hanstholm and Iceland' included a selection of Smoked Mackerel (with pickled green tomatoes, cabbage crudités and drained yogurt), and Smoked Halibut (with dill pickled cucumber, horse radish, rapeseed oil and crispy rye bread crumbs). Both pictured above.

The flavours were subtle yet robust and mended together well. Smokey tender fish, fresh herbs and freshly baked bread: both of these open sandwiches were supburb. I cannot reiterate how fresh and light everything was: Spring is definitely in the air!
Freerange Chicken (Jersey Beef in the back)
I would have to say that the Fried Sirloin (from the Jersey Beef range) was slighly  more to my liking than the Chicken salad with parsley. The fried serlion was tender and paired so well together with grated horseradish and crispy onions. Overall, there was not a flavour out of place.

Tartare of Jersey Beef
Tartare of Jersey beef (with egg creme, tarragon, pickles, capers, onion and crispy potatoes), could be, hands down, the best steak tartare I have tasted to date! Not an ounce of fat, tender and beautifully spiced. The pickles, capers and egg creme were a perfect complement to the tartare, it was like music to the taste buds!

Dessert changes by the day, and is made on premises along with everything else. Don't try a Smørrebrød anywhere else!

The decor is Danish-minimalistic; modern, but not overpowering. White furniture, pastel walls, and low hanging lamps (watch your head near the tables). Counter service makes this a relaxed friendly atmosphere with smiley and cheerful staff.

Aamanns also has a restaurant (Aamanns Establissement) which opened in 2009 right next door to Smørrebrødsdeli. On this occasion we did not visit the Establissement, however judging from experience above, the changing seasonal menu, and chefs from the best restaurants in Denmark (such as Noma), it is definitely a place not to be missed!

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